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Reiki and The Law of Attraction


Did you know that your energy plays a pivotal role in manifesting your desires?

"Your thoughts are powerful magnets that attract circumstances, people, and situations that resonate with the energy you emit." - Esther Hicks

🌈 The Law of Attraction is all about the energy we emit. Like attracts like, so when we align our thoughts, emotions, and actions with positive energy, we magnetise abundance and joy into our lives.

✨ Our energy acts as a powerful magnet, drawing experiences and opportunities that resonate with our vibration. When we radiate positivity, gratitude, and love, we create an energetic ripple that harmonises with the universe, bringing us closer to our dreams.

🌱 As a Reiki master, I am so very grateful that I can sit with the transformative power of Reiki, moving into a positive, gratitude filled energy space which really helps me with manifestation techniques. Through gentle touch and energy balancing techniques, Reiki promotes deep relaxation, clears energetic blockages, and revitalises our entire being. Reiki helps create an inner environment that nurtures gratitude, leading to a more positive outlook which naturally fosters an increased ability to attract abundance and joy.

✨ Reiki encourages us to cultivate a grateful heart, recognising the beauty in even the smallest moments. As gratitude becomes a part of our daily life, we notice how it aligns with the law of attraction, attracting more things to be grateful for and enhancing our manifestation abilities.

✨ Energy work is a transformative journey, unlocking the magic of gratitude and connection. When energy is in harmony, manifestation and the law of attraction becomes a natural flow. "Gratitude is the magnet that attracts abundance, and the law of attraction is the cosmic dance that orchestrates its delivery."

"Your emotions are your guidance system. Pay attention to how you feel, as it is an indication of whether you are moving towards or away from what you want." - Abraham Hicks

🔮 I would love to know your favourite law of attraction practice - let’s inspire each other! If you’d like to chat about how Reiki may help you, please do call or text me on 07305 103863.

Disclaimer: Reiki should not be considered a substitute for medical advice.


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