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"I have been practising Reiki since 2007 when I received my
​first attunement and felt my spiritual puzzle pieces slot into place."

Hi, my name is Jenni and I am a Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher.  My heart and soul goes into my Reiki Practice, whether I am treating someone in person, distantly or creating something special that will be infused with Reiki energy.


Reiki is in everything I am, everything I do and everything I share...

Having always been of an inquisitive, spiritual mind, it felt like an exciting synchronised moment in April 2007, when I happened upon a listing for a Reiki Course in Brentwood, Essex.  I must admit, at that point I didn't know much about Reiki, I just knew that I was searching for a sense of purpose and direction.  Following a lovely chat with Mo, who would soon become my Reiki Master and friend, I felt irrevocably drawn to proceed along this Reiki path.

I have been practising Reiki since then 
when I received my first attunement and felt my spiritual puzzle pieces slot into place.  I still feel now, as I did then, a loving intention to share the Radiant Reiki Energy with everyone.  This connection is something that I will forever be abundantly grateful for.  Reiki has quite literally become a way of life.  Recalling the Reiki principles and having a regular self practise has altered my outlook and my values.  I absolutely love organising and attending Reiki shares and also taking my practise out to members of the public.  Reiki is ever abundant.  My path has taken some leisurely twists and turns; Crystal Healing and Indian Head Massage, employment within a Healing Sanctuary and work supporting like minded Souls.  However, I have always been pulled back to practising Reiki in its purest form - just magically as it is - and most lately, I have experienced increasingly synchronised events that have brought about moving my practise into a clinic setting in Brentwood.  

My Reiki Lineage:
Mikao Usui
Chijiro Hayashi
Hawayo Takata
Phyllis Lei Furumoto
Lucy Reid
Pennie Quaile
Alan Gee
Thomas Clark & Maureen Yetton
Jenni Shawyer

In 2007 I first became attuned to Reiki with Thomas and Mo and my journey continued with Second Degree Reiki and my attunement as a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2010.  The Reiki way has been in my life since that first training and attunement in 2007, even then during that first course, I had a profound knowing that it had been in my life always and I had just needed to be finely tuned in to the frequency.


My personal Reiki journey is ever growing and for that I am immensly grateful.  Reiki is, for me, an expansive connection to the Universe and I was guided to further explore this with Angelic Reiki Training in 2021.  Experiencing this joyful retreat with Tracy of The Crystal Tree was an incredible affirmation of the energies that I had been experiencing.  An acknowledgement of the connection with the Universe that never fails to support and nurture us on our pathway here on Earth.  The Retreat has been a blessing and the knowledge I have gained is now deeply embedded within the Reiki practise that I hold today.  Trusting and allowing the pure energy of Reiki and/or Angelic Reiki as I am guided within a session, is a pure blessing.

I am honoured to be able to offer in clinic appointments in Ongar 

at The Heart of Holistic Health.  More details of locations and contact information can be found here.  Appointments are booked in one hour sessions.  Consultations, prior to your first appointment will be conducted via telephone or video call.    I am delighted to say that Reiki Shares have restarted and are based at The Heart of Holistic Health in Ongar - more info is available here.

I am also able to offer appointments in Harold Wood and Gidea Park, subject to availability.

I am fully insured with Balens Insurance and I am a Master Teacher Member of the UK Reiki Federation.  UKReikiFed

Feel free to call me on 07305 103863 or email for more information or to book an appointment.

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