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Reiki Courses...

The decision to embark upon your personal Reiki Journey is, in my opinion, quite literally life-changing.  People are drawn to learn and become Attuned to Reiki for so many different reasons and each journey is as unique as they are.

My personal Reiki journey began in 2007.  Since then it has grown and truly enveloped all that I am and all that I do.  I like to use the phrase 'Practicing The Pause', because I do believe that this is one of the first wonderful side-effects of becoming Attuned to Reiki energy.

I am new to Teaching in a Group Setting and I am keen to share my experience and love of Reiki Healing with those embarking upon their own Reiki Journey...  My Teachings will draw from my experiences and studies over the years with a leaning towards the Spiritual and Mindfulness elements of the Reiki Journey.  Choosing a Reiki Master should be made with much consideration.  All my students will be encouraged to keep in touch with me and with their study group and I offer regular Reiki Shares where you would be welcomed whole-heartedly.

In First Degree Reiki, which takes place over two days, we teach the history of Reiki, undertake some mindfulness exercises and learn a sequence of hand positions for self healing and healing of friends, family, pets etc.  You will be given plenty of opportunity to practice this in class and will also receive a handbook to take away with you.  During the course there will be a series of Attunement Ceremonies where the Reiki energy is passed on to you.  This can be quite an emotional experience and there is ample opportunity to share and ask questions. 


If this is something that interests you, I am very happy to chat in more detail.  It is important that the student feels comfortable with their Master and vice versa.  Following your Attunements and learning with Radiant Reiki, I make a heartfelt commitment to support your ongoing journey.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more...

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